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Learning Pathways is a privately owned and operated training service dedicated to assist you and your family with learning concerns and challenges. As an Elementary/Special Education and Montessori certified teacher, I have been working with children with varying abilities and challenges for a number of years. As the owner and instructor of Learning Pathways, my primary goal is to serve you by making a difference in the lives of your children. As a mother of a child with challenges and a teacher with a special interest in children with challenges, I have thoroughly researched the best programs to help our children. PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) and MTC (Master the Code) are unique learning enhancement programs that benefit the whole child. Unlike other programs in the area, our programs are non-academic programs. We make people smarter through brain training. At Learning Pathways, we don’t band-aid the learning difficulties, we fix them. By strengthening cognitive skills, such as: processing speed, auditory and visual processing, decoding, and logic/reasoning, learning difficulties are corrected and academics are improved. Students average a 3.6 year gain in all deficient skill areas in just 12 weeks. Lastly, I believe that there are two paths to learning, one that takes years of tutoring and is frustrating for all, and one that leads straight to progress and lifelong success. Our mission at Learning Pathways is to make learning fun and enjoyable again by using a variety of methods and programs to reach any struggling learner.
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